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Formed in late 1996 this rythum guitarist / vocalist formed The Dying Tree after his high school band, the Leftovers, went their seperate ways. The Dying Tree recorded Deathscapes & Breakdowns and realeased it to friends in december of '96. Then taking a little time off to attempt college, The Dying Tree finally released the second album, 90 Days & 70 Blank Pages, in the early part of 1999. Useless Waste of Technology & Other Misuses of Time, will be a little heavier than the first two albums and is almost finished, Preludes & Deadications will be an album of cover songs, freely available in mp3 form on this site, until the record companies or bands get sue happy. The fifth album is in it's early stages and is slated for an end of 2002 release. You can listen to the songs i have posted on mp3.com by clicking the soundstage button to your left.