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June 12, 2004
Made some changes to the website and added all the mp3's. I also started a Live Journal account. You can access it here.

Oct 15, 2002
Complete web site revamping, also release of two new CD's Useless Waste of Technology &Other Utilizations of Time and Slow & Steady Onward to Death due out Oct. 31.

July 11, 2000
The Dying Tree will be playing at the Couch, 2611 E. Hampshire Ave. Milwaukee, WI, get directions here, Sunday, August 20 $2 cover.

May 3, 2000
Exit Death was reviewed on underworld radio. Here's what they have to say:
The Dying Tree demonstrates their versatility with this grinding industrial piece, which opens with a delicate, eerie synthesizer passage. The song then blooms into a huge mechanistic industrial sound like a rose exploding into razor blades. The lyrics deal with the connections between nursery rhymes and grim historic events like the plague, if you're hip enough to be aware that there *is* a connection. Sounds are pushed to their limits, bordering on de-constructionism, and the vocals are minimal, used to maximal effect. "Exit Death" is seriously good stuff, you gotta give it a try!
The reviewer's mp3 site is here

April 28, 2000
Where Did You Run To was reviewed on underworld radio. Here's what they have to say:
When I saw that this band describes itself as "Folk Goth", I wasn't quite sure *what* to expect. But The Dying Tree has a highly unusual and listenable sound.. Folk? yes. Goth? yes. Clean guitar arpeggio work layered with a rather funereal organ give it a slow dirge-like feel and the vocals sport an odd delay effect that seems peculiar at first, but grows on your ear quite quickly. When the distortion guitar hits in the middle of the piece, I rather expected the vocals to ascend into the usual angst-ridden screaming, but no.. they stayed soft and clear throughout.. This is a really cool piece, you gotta hear it.
The reviewer's mp3 site is here

April 21, 2000
I'll Be at Rory's Cafe, 3041 N. Oakland Ave, Milwaukee, WI, get directions here, tomorrow, April 22, recording the Monstrum Sepsis and Strangest Places show. Stop out, see the show and say hi. $2 cover.

April 4, 2000
Sorry for the short notice but the show on the 8th is a go. It'll be at
4760 Pleasant Hill Road in Richfield, WI. The show starts around 10:00pm
Get directions here. Hope to see you at the show.

March 27, 2000
Total recreation of this web site due to the fact that i may be on two compilations and I wanted to have a good place for people to come visit. What two compilations? The first is a Blacklight Records Comp Escape the Furnace 3&4 the second, a Scott McDonald Productions comp that is as of yet not named.
The third Dying Tree CD "Useless Waste of Technology & Other Misuses of Time" is almost finished and will be released by this summer. (Though it may be called something different. I'll keep you all posted) The Dying Tree will be backing KillingTheOldMan on May 18th at the Cactus Club as he opens for Strangest Places. There also may be a show April 8th. You'll know more when i do.