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New Music / In process
(click on the title for lyrics; right click ".mp3" and select save)

First mixed down track form "The sinners & The Scorned" (.mp3)
Cover of "Temptation" by New Order (.mp3)
coldNight (.mp3) (really rough but i am actually playing everything) 4-26-2005
new01 (.mp3)
new02 (.mp3)
surrogate (.mp3) (killingtheoldman and dying tree garageband sketches)
su (.mp3) (killingtheoldman and dying tree garageband sketches)
hey jupiter (.mp3) (cover of tori amos based on the dakota version)
something in the way (.mp3) (cover of nirvana)

1. Intro (.mp3)
2. Midi Waste I (.mp3)
3. Vampyres (.mp3)
4. She (.mp3)
5. Candlelight Serenade (.mp3)
6. Slight of Hand (.mp3)
7. Exit Death (.mp3)
8. Loop Waste I (.mp3)
9. Epiphany (.mp3)
10. Loop Waste II (.mp3)

1 Apocalyptic (.mp3)
2 The Black Ghoul (.mp3)
3 I Want To Go Back (.mp3)
4 Aquaintance of the Mad (.mp3)
5 Misrealized delusions of Love (.mp3)
6 Standing on the Banks of Aberration (.mp3)
7 Reflections (.mp3)
8 Where Have You Run To? (.mp3)
9 Reflections (solo) (.mp3)

1 Deathscapes (.mp3)
2 Could of Should of (.mp3)
3 Sinking (.mp3)
4 Everything will be OK (yeah right) (.mp3)
5 Why (.mp3)
6 Save Them (.mp3)
7 Coin (.mp3)
8 Breakdowns (.mp3)
9 Your Dirty Wings (.mp3)
10 Could It Be (.mp3)
11 Cry (.mp3)
12 Life on the Third Planet (.mp3)
13 Sing (.mp3)